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ann and helen
Ann Powell, left, donates an apron to Helen Kitzmiller for her collection.

campbells kids 

ilonkas apron
This black, gauzy apron was originally Ilonka Santho's, owner of Ilonka's Provincial House, on East Broad St. in Columbus. Ilonka was known for her beautifully hand decorated cakes.

A free Program on the wonderful 
history of Aprons.

The Apron Program is presented by Helen Kitzmiller of the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society.

50 Aprons are displayed in Helen's show along with memorabilia depicting Aprons. Each person in attendance receives a poem about Aprons. During the presentation there is sharing of Apron memories and information on having Apron shows. 
campbells apron
This is a Commercial Advertising apron, generic in style with the famous logo of the Campbell Soup kids. The Campbell kids were designed by Grace Weiderstein in 1904.

The programs are interesting for men, women and teenage children. Requests come from church groups, retirement centers, nursing homes, civic groups, garden clubs and Girl Scout troops.

There is a limited distance of travel from the central Ohio area.

For more information on the Apron program call Helen Kitzmiller in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 


Are you looking for a good home for an Apron no longer needed? Helen will gladly accept it for her collection.
handkerchief apron
Here is an apron made with 3 handkerchiefs with ribbon used as ties. Ladie's handkerchiefs are only found today in flea markets.
seamstress apron
Attached at the waistband of this apron are strips of material holding tools for a seamstress.
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portgual apron
This one/half style apron from Portgual is more for show than service. Young girls sell these aprons for 50 cents to cruise tourist on the boat docks .

ilonka's flower