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Superintendent of Construction Dick Barth rang the silver Godfrey farm bell at 10:30 a.m. May 30th, 2009, to start the ceremony as Brad Cotner and Tom Matterns played a trumpet fanfare on the hill.

MC Mark Myers introduced dignitaries present, including Mayor Brad McCloud and 19th District Ohio House Representative Marian Harris.

After Rev. Chip Heim’s invocation, Mark began with a story: "On this day we celebrate a new beginning with the dedication of our beautiful storage-display barn behind me. It's the result of over a year's hard work by an all-volunteer crew. In order to accomplish this task, we had to do some moving and rearranging, as you can imagine. For example, there used to be an iris bed at the end of this parking lot, where we are now standing. It was carefully tended by Jo Oldham for many years. It had to be dug up, but we saved a few of her iris plants and they have now been transplanted in front of the new rock retaining wall here in front of the barn, in her memory, and the memory of all those who have volunteered since the beginning of the Society in 1975.

"These flowers are not the only things that have been transplanted. We have recently transplanted our entire collection from the upper floor of Connell Hardware which we used for many years, thanks to the generosity of the Connell family. Now everything is safe in our museum house and new barn, and that is what we are celebrating today.

"After President Marilyn Griffin’s words of welcome, Vice-president Helen Kitzmiller spoke of the beginnings of the Society with heart-felt gratitude to our first President, Audrey Hammond.

Mayor McCloud then congratulated the Society on its recent efforts to keep the city's heritage alive.

Dick Barth followed the mayor and told of the barn's construction, with special recognition to his crew of dedicated volunteers. The ribbon was cut, and the plaque honoring all those involved in the funding and construction of the barn was unveiled.

Guests were then invited to tour the grounds as well as stop in for refreshments in the museum's lower level. The Dedication concluded with an hour's concert by For His Glory, a gospel/blue grass group, with eager listeners relaxing in lawn chairs on the grassy area adjacent to the porch. 

              storage barn dedication

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