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YEAR  MONTH                                             EVENT

1781    Oct. 19                       Revolutionary War ended.

1783    April 23                     Continental Congress promised land to Canadian refugees.

1785    April 13                     Continental Congress passed a resolution regarding land grants to refugees from Nova Scotia.

1785                                       Continental Congress devised a method of surveying land in squares to dispose of lands in                                                                   Western Territory.

1787                                       Civil government established for Northwest Territory under Governor General Arthur St. Clair.

1789    April 30                    George Washington inaugurated as first U.S. President.

1798    April 7                       Congress passed act providing for the filing of claims to refugee lands.

1799    summer                    Congressional lands were being surveyed into sections by John Mathews and Ebenezer                                                                      Buckingham.

1800                                      Ohio had 45,365 inhabitants.

1801                                      Congressional lands resurveyed into half sections by Elnathan Scofield.

1802   March 1                     James Crawford received his land in Refugee Tract.

1803   April 30                     Franklin County established by act of state government.

1803   September 26          Thomas Palmer was in Franklin County. 

1806   September 10          James C. Reynolds born in Ashtabula, Ohio

1810                                       Truro Township established and organized. First justice of the peace Ebenezer Richards; served                                                      2 years.

1813    August 25                Daniel Dunihue bought all of Half Section 30, site of Reynoldsburg.

1816    fall                             John D. and Jane Graham French came to this area from N.Y. State. John bought land from                                                              Dunihue.

1817                                       Truro Seceder Church organized.

1818                                       Truro Seceders (later United Presbyterians) built a church at Livingston Avenue and State                                                              Route 256.

1818    January 1                 Elders ordained for Truro Seceder Church. 

1819                                       Schoolhouse built on George Graham's land. David Graham, teacher.

1820                                      Truro Meeting House (Presbyterian) erected near Hibernia

1820                                      Log cabin school existed at Big Walnut Creek and Livingston Avenue. Mr. McAfferty, teacher.

1822                                       Alexander W. Livingston born.

1822   August 20                 Grand Squirrel Hunt.

1822   September 13           Primitive Baptist Church organized.

1822-23                                Epidemic fever and ague in Franklin County; many died.

1823                                      March David Pugh built two toll bridges, one over Alum Creek, one over Big Walnut Creek.

1825-1840                            Anti-Masons flourished.

1826                                      National Road reached Zanesville.

1828                                      Methodist Church Society formed and building started at Brice.

1828                                      Quarry opened on Waggoner Road by land owner Henry Besse.

1830's                                    Hibernia came into being.

1830   January 12               Martin and John Waggoner and others presented County Commissioners a petition to have a                                                            road built.

1831                                       National Road being built in John French's village.

1831                                       James C. Reynolds came to this area from Zanesville.

1831    November 9             Abiather Vinton Taylor surveyed John French's farm land to create a town

1831-1832                            First tavern in Reynoldsburg being run by John B. West.

1832   August                       Matthew Crawford's Addition to Reynoldsburg platted.

1833                                      Upper and Lower Taverns built.