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The National Road as it passes through Reynoldsburg, Ohio.


YEAR  MONTH                                             EVENT

1888                                Reynoldsburg Women's Christian Temperance Union founded.

1888                                Blacklick Bridge built on Tussing Road.

1890                                Railroad came through Brice; Joseph Powell built a grain elevator.

1890                                Reynoldsburg village fire department organized.

1890   May                     Jasper Lodge 579, Knights of Pythias instituted.

1890   September 7       Reynoldsburg Annual Picnic begun.

1896   April                     All students at Union Academy required to show teaching certificates before graduating; rule

                                               rescinded 1899.

1897   July 13                 Darlington J. Snyder resigned.

1899   February 10       One of 2 remaining homes in Hibernia destroyed by fire. Temperature: -25° F.

1900                                Village streets were crushed stone, not too large.

1900                                Mrs. Mary Martin Frazier died, age 98.

1900   September 7       Telephone service came to The Burg.

1902                                Columbus, Newark and Zanesville Interurban line begun through Reynoldsburg.

1904                                Gas pipes and mains laid on Main Street and Graham Road.

1904   March 1               Rural Free Delivery Route established out of Reynoldsburg. James M. Connell, carri­er until

                                               his death in 1909.

1904   spring                  Reynoldsburg Banking Company begun.

1905   April 5                 Village Council contracted for 20 gas street lamps to burn day and night for 500 per month.

1905                                Universalist Church burned down, not rebuilt.

1906                                A public toilet was built in Reynoldsburg.

1906   spring                  News Gazette, the first newspaper, was begun.

1907                                Traction car speed limited to 12 mph in village.

1907                                Highland Terrace Addition begun (p. 120).

1908-1909                      Reynoldsburg Band organized — active until late 1930's.

1911                                 Reynoldsburg Grange chartered.

1913-1914                       Ohio Department of Agriculture erecting buildings east of the village for agricultur­al testing


1922                                Reynoldsburg Civic Club organized by Jessie White Weiberg

1922                                Reynoldsburg Chamber of Commerce organized.

1922                                Electric power came to Reynoldsburg, per month.

1923   January 14         Hibernia ..School closed forever.

1923   May 5 and 6       Gigantic Opening Sale Idlewild Manor Addition

1925-26                          Addition to Reynoldsburg School built

1926                                Girl Reserves organized at Reynoldsburg High School. First President: Kathleen Harris (m. Evans).

1926                                Eugenie Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, formed.

1926                                Autumn Temple, Pythian Sisters, formed.

1926                                First graduating class to hold ceremonies in school building.

1927   February 28       Two traffic lights were ordered for a 60 day free trial.

1927   May 31                Ordinance passed to enforce traffic lights.

1928                                Town toilets ordered closed.

1928   October               Dams to be constructed in French Run and Blacklick Creek.

1929   January               The Columbus-Zanesville interurban railway went out of business.

1929-1944                      James A. Oppy, Superintendent of Schools.

1929-1944                      Donivan L. "Doc" Evans, high school principal.

1930   January 17, 18   First Farmer's Institute held. (Last one 1940).

1930   May 26               Reynoldsburg Bank closed by stock market crash.

1930   October 27         First Reynoldsburg Recreation Board appointed: Harry Hayes, Ed Rickly, R.S. Graham, H.D.

                                               Pickering, Elzy Connell.

1930                                Village fire department had a soda acid chemical cart to put out fires.

1932                                Asphalt to be used to resurface several major streets in the village.

1932                                Reynoldsburg Press begun, weekly newspaper printed through 1941.

1932   March, April       Lower Tavern demolished to build gas station

1934                                Upper Tavern caught fire; later torn down