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YEAR  MONTH                                             EVENT

.1934                                 Groundwork laid for municipal water and sewer service.

1935                                 Works Progress Administration started to build athletic track at Reynoldsburg School.

1930's mid-                    Boy Scouts organized in Reynoldsburg. Virgil Raines, Scoutmaster.

1936   June 27                First water bills being paid; about 140 listings on the new water system.

1937                                 Scott Rochelle, last surviving Civil War veteran, died at 90.

1937                                 Ordinance #130 passed to straighten, widen, alter, repair, resurface and reconstruct Main Street.

1937                                 First Volunteer Fire Department organized.

1937-1942                      Vinton H. Raymer, Fire Chief.

1938                                 Route 40 resurfaced through Reynoldsburg.

1938                                 Reynoldsburg Business Association organized.

1938                                 First firehouse built.

1939   June 22                Reynoldsburg's centenary celebrated with Century Book edition of Reynoldsburg Press.

1940                                Five horsepower siren obtained for fire department.

1940                                Federal census shows that 652 persons live in Reynoldsburg (p. 1 & 5).

1940   August                Fire department gets a resescitator (p. 57).                    

1941   March 21             Board of Education passed a Resolution of Respect for late Closson G. Smith, 40 years a school                                                            board member.

1941   July 23                 Mary Ann Rochelle Hickman died, age 103 years, 81/2 months.

1941                                 Addition to Reynoldsburg School, auditorium and classrooms, ready by opening of school year.

1942                                U.S. auto rationing plan in effect: tire and gasoline rationing, "fuel holidays," restricted driving.

1942   November           Meat, sugar and coffee rationed.

1942   winter                  First girls' slacks worn in Reynoldsburg High School by Marion Bingham (m. Howard).

1942-1964                      John Cobel, Fire Chief.

1943                                More than 2,900 kinds of food came under ration stamps and tokens.

1943                                First Reynoldsburg High School yearbook, The Reynolian, published. Miss Marguer­iete Click,                                                             faculty advisor; Connie McNary (m. Parkinson) editor.

1944-1958                      Clifford R. Mobberly, Superintendent of Schools.

1944-1950                      Federated Presbyterian Church active.

1944-1960                      Hannah J. Ashton high school principal.

1946                                 Truro Memorial Field dedicated to World War II heroes.

1940's    late                   Harry Hayes established a farm market on Main Street.

1947                                 Ground broken for new firehouse (P. 57).

1948   March 4               Lions Club established in Reynoldsburg.

1950                                Federal census shows that 724 persons live in Reynoldsburg (p. 1).

1951                                 Minstrel Memories, annual variety show, begun. Directed by Mrs. Jane Spencer, it was given

                                                for 10 years.

1952-53                           Addition to Reynoldsburg School, one‑story classrooms on east side.

1952                                 Reynoldsburg added kindergarten to school curriculum.

1953   July                      First school secretary began work: Mrs. Gladys Ayers.

1954   February             Girl Scouts organized in Reynoldsburg by Russell Mitterling. First leaders: Kay Clymer, Alice Marie                                                 Myers, Connie Par­kinson.

1954                                 Reynoldsburg Record, weekly newspaper, begun. Sold out 1959 to Hartley interests.

1954-1961                      Summer time wrestling at Reynoldsburg Arena; owned and run by Al Haft (Courier 04/1985, p.3).

1955                                Locker room addition to Reynoldsburg School built.

1955                                First Annual Reynoldsburg Community Flower Show.

1955                                First Planning and Zoning Commission established. Ordinance #400 in 1955 established
                                                Reynoldsburg zoning.

1956-1958                      Gordon Golding first Chief of Police.

1956                                 Brookside Park Addition begun.

1957    November 15     Ground broken for Rose Hill Heights sub‑division.

1958    January 1           New Reynoldsburg house numbering system in effect; extends numbers from Columbus.

1958                                Post Office moved to new building on French Drive.