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YEAR  MONTH                                             EVENT

1958-1974                      Robert P. Heischman, Superintendent of Schools.

1958                                French Run School ready by opening of school year.

1958    February 7        Reynoldsburg Bank organized.

1958    May 31               First foot delivery of mail to Reynoldsburg homes and businesses.

1958    June 20              Formation of Messiah Lutheran Church initiated (p. 53).

1958    September 6     St. Pius Church formed.

1958                                Four rooms added to new French Run School.

1958-1961                      Charles Fine, Chief of Police.

1959    April 1                Little Weekly newspaper begun.

1959    June 28              First building of Messiah Lutheran Church dedicated (p. 53).

1959    August                Mounds near Hibernia excavated.

1959    Spring                 Reynoldsburg [Shopping] Center opened.

1959                                Graham Road School being rushed to completion.

1959                                Tuesday Night Duckpin League still was bowling.

1960                                Federal census shows that 7,793 persons live in Reynoldsburg (p. 1).

1960                                Reynoldsburg High School accepted as a member of North Central Association of Colleges and

                                         Secondary Schools.

1960                                Herbert H. Mills School built.

1960                                Graham Road School finished.

1961    January 5          Secretary of State designates Reynoldsburg a city.

1961-62 3 months         Clarence Hunter, Acting Chief of Police.

1962    February            Classes move into newly finished Reynoldsburg High School. Class of 1962 is first to graduate from                                                  new building, last to go all 12 years in same old building.

1962-1974                      Bruce Umpleby, Chief of Police.

1963                                Rose Hill School completed.

1964                                John Knight began as Fire Chief.

1966                                First Annual Tomato Festival.

1968                                Fay May died, age 96; Reynoldsburg historian.

1968    April                    New Messiah Lutheran Church dedicated (p. 52, 188).

1969    June 23              William Joseph Merringer and Harold G. Schenk died.

1969    October 12         St. Pius Church dedicated.

1970    January 1           Truro Township hires its first fulltime firemen, six (p. 57).

1970                                Federal census shows that 13,921 persons live in Reynoldsburg (p. 1).

1971                                 John Scott Francis, age 18, became the youngest person in the United States to be elected to a
                                               board of education. He served until December 8, 1977.

1974                                Jess Moore began as Chief of Police.

1974                                Reynoldsburg Junior High School completed.

1975    April 30             Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society formed.

1976    April 10              Motz-Cook Elevator torn down.

1976    August                Post Office moved to 7185 East Main Street.

1977                                 Evert Cheatwood died, age 97.

1979    October              Mrs. Belle Patterson died, age 98 years, 7 months, 21 days.

1974-1979                      John Babel Jr., Superintendent of Schools.

1979-                               S. Gene Denisar, Superintendent of Schools.

1979    June 5                 Reynoldsburg voters adopt charter form of government.

1980                                Work begun to develop Pine Quarry Park.

1980    June 21              Dr. Robert Lowell McClarren honored by Alumni Association, College of Veterinary Medicine at                                                        Ohio State University, for 58 years of veterinary practice.

1980    November 28    Georgia Taylor Headley died, age 101 years, 11 months, 28 days.

1980    December 14     Dedication of Reynoldsburg Division of Police Building and Reynoldsburg Branch Library.

1980                                Federal census shows that 20,661 persons live in Reynoldsburg (p. 1).

1980                                Reynoldsburg Chamber of Commerce formed from Reynoldsburg Business Asso­ciation.

1980                                Program was launched to fight substance abuse.

1981    fall                       First history of Reynoldsburg and Truro Township published.

1985    January 4          Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society purchases land on which museum stands for $22,500

                                                (Courier, 04/1985, p. 13).