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ALF fan and Teacher, Aubrey Gibson, says, " I can't believe that something from my childhood is in a museum! History did, indeed, begin yesterday." 

Near the end of the school year, in the spring of 2008, two tours of Graham Road Elementary students visited the Heritage Center Museum.

The children were amazed to learn that the Hannah Ashton school was a High School at one time and that the classes were so small. One of the children said that he couldn't believe that radios, which they saw at the museum, were so big. Students' eyes got huge when they were being told about Chamber Pots.

Assisting Mark Myers, tour director, were RTHS members Stanley Brann, Hillard Ebrom, Jack and Jeanine Winters, and Philip Vaughn.

"Mrs. Gibson's class had a great time going through the museum as part of their Social Studies
curriculum. Also shown is Mrs. Maurer and her student teacher, Abbee Mansfield. 

Mrs. Adititar and her class visited the museum as a fun way to learn about Reynoldsburg History. 

Graham Road Elementary
School of Distinction

he Ohio Department of Education has recognized the achievements of Graham Road Elementary by naming it a 2006-07 School of Distinction.

Our School Compact on Respect: " As a member of the Graham Road community I will show my strength by being friendly and kind, taking responsibility for my learning and actions, being truthful and honest and treating others the way I would like to be treated."

For RTHS Museum Tour information please call member Mark Myers: 614.868.5354.
Heritage Center Museum Tours
​Graham Road Elementary School May 2008