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Compiled by Neal Piek referencing the book, "History of Reynoldsburg and Truro Township, Ohio" by Cornelia M. Parkinson, copyrighted October 1981.

Robert and Charlene Foor's Country Shop 1988 

Foor Family    
         The Bob and Charlene Foor bought the house in 1982 from the Seeds family and August, they moved in. In the five years of their ownership, the house has been stripped, buffed, painted, sawed, glued, sanded, stained, pounded, spackled and caulked back into a semblance of its original self. Walls have been torn out, foors stripped to the original wood, wooden ceilings with beams added, extra windows installed and the original brick walls uncovered and cleaned. The Foors removed the shingles and began to paint the wood, but the weather has temporarily halted the painting. Much of the work came from the stripping of the foors they were nearly all thin hardwood, hiding the broader pine and oak boards beneath. The living room and dining room were carpeted. After the foors were uncovered, they were sanded and stained. Another concern was the number of walls throughout the house. In perhaps the only divergence between the original and the reconstructed models removing several walls used to separate bedrooms in the old house the old house had seven bedrooms-five upstairs and two down.  The new look is more open, she said, and more comfortable. This Was the aim in the kitchen work, which Charlene considers the showcase room. A counter top was added, as well as two windows and a door, allowing a view across the back yard to a creek. In all, Bob Foor, estimates the work has cost between $15,000 and $20,000. Major expenses included insulating the house and installing a new septic system. The house had only tar paper wrapped around it for insulation. The furnace is a massive 175,000 BTU.

Robert and Charlene Foor 1987