1485 jackson street reynoldsburg, ohio 43068

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The Postcard says it all, "Sleep in the Country". This is the Al Haft Motel
also located on the same stretch of Main Street as Rose Hill Court. 

This is a photo taken when the motel was part of the Albert Pick chain.

Notice the garages that were included. 

​Lots of discussion about this postcard dated 1942. On the back it says "Located on the National Road 10 miles East of Columbus. As modern as the finest hotel. Excellent food.

"The Rose Hill Court motel was managed by the Weltner's, and was on the north side of Main Street. It had several names including Sleep, Inc. and Albert Pick. A former KFC building is there now, 2014 and it has become a Chinese Restaurant.


Taking you back in time, memories of the Reynoldsburg, Ohio area.