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Sandra Bysinger speaking at the Memory Bridge dedication ceremony.​

Mayor Bob McPherson and Sandra Bysinger display the dedication plaque.

memory bridge

Located over French Run Creek there once were two footbridges. The one that remains has withstood the test of time and holds a special place in the hearts of many people. 

This bridge became a place that shared in fond memories of promises made and promises broken. Many times love endured after those first crushes and first kisses were experienced while crossing this romantic bridge whether we were on our way to school or on a romantic evening stroll. 

As far back as I can remember school children "swarmed" across this bridge rushing to beat the morning bell at Hannah Ashton School and at that time Hannah Ashton really was the principal. 

Kindergarten and high school students attended the same school in Reynoldsburg until progress marched on and the new high school was built on Livingston Ave. I remember thinking that we no longer would pass this way daily and we'd have to make a special effort to visit here occasionally as we grew up and away from home. 

I'm sure there are many who remember the floods where French Run Creek merged into Blacklick Creek along Rt. 40 in Reynoldsburg during the late fifties and early sixties. We all wanted to make our way in to town to see if the footbridges survived and they did. This local landmark, that lives in many hearts, needs to be memorialized and truly deserves a name. 

Memories must abound among these students who crossed this bridge and became the citizens of Reynoldsburg today. Their children have become the next generation to create their own memories as, they too, cross Memory Bridge into the future. 

​Followup: The Memory Bridge was Dedicated September 4th 2004. 

Sandra Jewell Bysinger 2004 

RHS Class of 1964