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Heritage Center
Back in April of 1993 the Society voted to move the Heritage Center from its original location at S.R. #256 and Livingston Avenue to its present location at 1485 Jackson Street. Mrs. Marssa Ong and Thad Green had donated the house to the society. Two years and a lot of sweat and tears later, the house opened its doors to the general public as the new home of the Reynoldsburg/Truro Historical Society.

moving house

Moving Day
"This Old House," circa 1850 moves slowly up Jackson Street in October 1993, to its new location.

alcy haden

Alcy Haden looks over a sign in 1995, mapping contributions to restore the newly moved Heritage Center. The society spent more than $90,000 to meet building code requirements.
original setting

Sitting at its original location, 1815 South Lancaster Avenue in Reynoldsburg, the Heritage Center awaits moving day in the fall of 1993.
students watching

School students were given the day off to watch the Heritage Center being moved to its new location, directly across the street from Hannah Ashton Middle School.

Here the house is being backed into place in its new home on Jackson Street in Reynoldsburg.
Recognize Anyone?

 hannah ashton students

hannah ashton students cheering
Hannah Ashton Middle School students cheer on the move.
Starting with the blonde girl in the stripped shirt on the left. Darica Adams, Frank or Vince Cirivello (they are twins), Jake Buoni, Brandon Merriman, Sue Brownlee, Emily Ryll, Julie Hills, Dawn Fitch, Sheri Thomas, Melinda Lehew, and Syretta Bates.

Names thanks to Abbee (Boerner) Mansfield

backed right in
Acting like they do this every day the Dingey Movers Company from Zanesville, Ohio back the building right into place. Computerized levelers were used to balance the load.

Engineers had staked out the lot prior to the arrival of the house. The house was positioned, so that it could be dropped onto the foundation that had yet to be built.

foundation work

Looking like it is floating on air the Heritage Center construction site shows a partially completed foundation.

Not everyone was thrilled with the idea of working underneath the jacked up structure and the original company pulled off the job.
setting on foundation

Plumb bobs were dropped from the corners of the house and used to layout the area for the footers. Block was laid and then the house was lowered to sit on the new foundation.

Now the real work begins. Backfill, landscaping and sidewalks (required by the city) are next up for the new home of the Historical Society.
Tons of fill dirt was needed to smooth out the elevation. Foundation
stones from the original location were salvaged and used to build a new
retaining wall. Sod, evergreens and trees start to give a finished look to the project.

fill dirt      jacked up       stone wall