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Front Row LtoR: Barbara Smith Doane, Delores Gramelt Trivett, Shelby Kindle Moore, Nancy Vance Johnson, Stella Scholl Peters. 
Back Row LtoR: David Burns, Robert Mills, Marsha Thiessen Rausch, Frank Ickes, Bill McMullin.

2007 Buick Terraza 

Hannah J. Ashton School, Jackson Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

From Top of Fire Escape, Left to Right, by Faces

Ruth Funk Bagent, Floris Graham Collins, Stella Weeks Talbert, Margaret Ruvoldt, Supt. T.W.Brown,

Florence Turner, Blanche Harris Ebright, Alice Evans Vallenga, Eva Lisk, Teacher Merle Brill,

Teacher Hazel Houston, Lawrence Maxwell, Teacher Miss N.V. Given, _____ _____? Raymond Morehead, Russell Tussing, Alta Motz, Helen Whitehead Shade, _____ _____? Pauline Gearhart ?, Wilda Young ?, Deloras Myers ?, Mae Campbell ? _____ _____? Ruth Johnson Robb, _____ _____? Elva Cheney?, Agatha Alspaugh Van Sohoyck, Louise Sines, Mable Tussing Erwin, _____ _____? Naomi Rawn ? Meredith Osborne, Mary Headley Bachman, Robert Funk, Alice Wildermuth Lane, Frances Armstrong Slack, _____ _____? Wurner Graham, James Slack, _____? Myers, Lester Wildermuth, Wendell Talbert, Raymond Gary, Robert Richart, Reid "Bill" Graham, Clark Oldham, Horace Turner, Edgar Hickerson, George Weeks, Lawrence Barb, Floy Johnson Patterson

1949 Plymouth Woody Station Wagon

From LtoR: Glen Miller, Peggy Carson, Joan Smith, Jeannine Turner,
Iva Lee Holtzbacher, David Betts, Herman Bryant.

Reynoldsburg High School

Class of 1949 at the 

Alumni Dinner in 2014.

1923 Chevrolet Touring 

1956 Ford Thunderbird

Reynoldsburg High School Class of 1956 at the Alumni Dinner in 2006.

Reynoldsburg High School 1923

Barbara Doan

​​Elton Savage

Mary Evans Eaton

Awards given out at the 2009 RHS Banquet included the oldest person attending, Mary Alice Foster, and the youngest attending, Trinkie Foster Davis. Do you suppose they know one another?​

Photos from the 2009 Alumni Banquet

Reynoldsburg Alumni Association 2014 Officers 
Donald Redman, 1954
Vice President, Vacant
Treasurer Joyce Linden Wolf, 1954
Corresponding Secy Marilyn Oldham Griffin, 1946
Recording Secy Delores Gramelt Trivett, 1956
​Program Design Suzy Millar Miller, 1966 

old reynoldsburg high school.

This Website is Dedicated to all those Students who Attended the Old Reynoldsburg High School, Located on Jackson Street, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The School was originally called Reynoldsburg Union Academy and was built in 1868. In 1981, via petition, the building was renamed Hannah J. Ashton School and is still in use today.​ It is directly across the street from the RTHS Museum.