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The Following Listings make up the Site Map for the
Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society Website
of Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Click on the Bold Heading to take you to that page.

Home Page, The Main Page of the website.

Location, Looking for us, wonder where we are located, this page will give you maps and directions to our Heritage Center Museum.

Contact Us, On this page you will find our officers and email addresses for our main contacts.

About Us, A Short History of the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society.

Giving Tree, Our Heritage Center Museum "Giving Tree" is a wonderful way to contribute to the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society.

Founding Members, A List of our Founding and Charter Members.

Calendar Page, All the Important Information you need to know, like Meeting Dates & Times.

Activities Page, Where you find links to our past activities.

Heritage Center Moving Day, The Story of the Heritage Center, the home of the Society.

Historical Museum, A Peek inside our Heritage Center Historical Museum.

Gift Shop, Look Over our On-Line Gift Shop selling items Relating to the History of Reynoldsburg.

Reynoldsburg History, A very Interesting History of the Reynoldsburg Area.

Scrapbook, Photos from our past events. I'll bet you are there.

Memory Bridge, Do you remember holding hands on this bridge?

Tall Timbers, Splish-splash, one of the fun places in Reynoldsburg.

Pour House Cafe, A draft and peanuts on the floor.

Flea Market 2004, Our 911 Tribute Gateway.

Flea Market 2005, It was hot, really hot!

Flea Market 2006, Photo Montage.

Flea Market 2008, Edna gives Marvin a reverse mohawk.

Flea Market 2009, The pause that refreshes.

Card Party 2006, Feel the love.

Day Card Party 2006, We came to play...no to eat.

Card Party 2007, Hiding behind those bags.

Card Party 2009, Furry creatures are found everywhere.

Links, A Page of Banners showing other Websites you might be Interested in Viewing.

Christmas Dinner 2002, Christmas Dinner 2002 on McNaughten Road.

Christmas Dinner 2003, A Christmas to Remember Hawaiian Style.

Christmas Dinner 2004, Sonny and Cher guest appearance.

Christmas Dinner 2005, Victorian Singers

Christmas Dinner 2006, The Barth renovation team as guest.

Christmas Dinner 2007, Jack and Rollie butt heads over dessert.

Christmas Dinner 2008, Storage Barn crew, The Amish Rejects, are our guests.

Christmas Dinner 2009, Suzy Miller speaks and presents wonderful rewards.

Memorial Day 2008, RTHS Historian, Richard Barrett, was the speaker.

Memorial Day 2006, WWII Veteran and POW, Jack Godfrey, was honored.

Memorial Day 2005, Commander George Balbaugh, Decorates the Reynoldsburg Veteran's Marker.

Take a Seat, The Chair Auction Fundraiser 2003.

Old School, The Original Reynoldsburg High School.

Devil's Speed Way, The name says it all.

Aprons, Helen Kitzmiller's Apron Program.

French House, One of Reynoldsburg's Historic Houses.

Charles "Buddy" Feucht MIA, Decades of uncertainty.

Jack Godfrey, Survivor, Leading citizen and former POW.

Memories, Historical photos taking you back in time.

1935, Photo of a little country town called Reynoldsburg.

Underground Railroad Station, Reynoldsburg was a key spot on the Underground Railroad .

Heritage Center Museum Tours, The Heritage Center is a wonderful place to visit.

Storage Barn Construction, Watch a Slide Show of our Storage Barn being built.

Tartan Day, Photos of Tartan Day events in Reynoldsburg.

Little Weekly, A fun read about our Little Weekly Newspaper of the 50's and 60's.